The Brody Savicki Foundation’s purpose is to continue to educate and raise community awareness about Down syndrome, to assist families financially in regards to medical needs of individuals with Down syndrome, and to provide activities, scholarships and other events for individuals with Down syndrome. We believe that every individual with Down syndrome should
be able to chase and achieve their dreams, and our goal is to  be able to assist in any way possible. Down syndrome is a disability:  a disability that does not define one, and one that does not stand in one’s way.

The Foundation is funded by Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride, which is a 63 mile bike ride signifying Trisomy-21.   With Down syndrome, it is the 21st chromosome of which 3 are three copies, hence 21 x 3 to equal 63 miles.  It is here that we feel, 3 copies of the chromosome, as opposed to the typical 2, is better…”More is Better”!  The ride and the event which follows was established to raise awareness for Down syndrome. 3 distance options available:  63miles, 42miles, 21miles

The ride will start and end at Clinton school where parking will be available for bikers, well as for the festival following the return of the riders..

7:00 AM - Riders check-in
7:15 AM - Opening comments and prayer
7:30 AM - Bike ride begins
1:00-1:30 PM - Bikers arrive back at Clinton Schools
1:00-5:00 PM - Food, festivities and fun

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Brody's Buddy Ride

PO Box 382, Washington Mills

Phone: 3155259819

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