Jackalope Sprint Triathlon

Saturday 22nd August 2020

Edness K. Wilkins State Park: 8700 East US Hwy 20/26, Evansville, United States

Triathlon, Sprint


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Join us at the inagural Jackalope Sprint Triathlon on August 22nd, 2020. The event will take place at the beutiful Edness K. Wilkins State park and will feature a 800 yds swim, a 12 mile bike ride, and culminate with a 5k run.  All inside the park!

Participants will start at the East end of the lake by the Cottonwood parking lot and swim across to the other end, getting out of the water briefly to ring a bell and diving back in the water to finish back close to where they started for a slighty hilly 800 yds swim/run.

After mounting their bikes, the participants will go for a very flat, narrow, and curvy, 12 mileish, counterwise, 4 lap bike course that will afford them some cool views of the north Platte river.

After strapping running shoes, the participants will go out towards the friendly buffalo and go east along the running path for a 2.5k run course there and back where they will see the beauty of the park and its very lush landscape.. And maybe just maybe, someone will even see the mystic Jackalope outthere!!

All funds gathered will be used to cover the park permit, and future events such as this one.  Any profit will be donated to the Team Semper Fi Injured Servicemen Fund.

Thank you!!

Bike Course Preview https://youtu.be/oen-iMIUrsY

Event details and schedule


Transition and check in table opens up at 7:00am
Check in ends at 7:40am
Race brief 7:50am
Race starts 8:00am
Race results/Awards 10:00am


Please park in any parking area within the park (except cottonwood), walk over to the cottonwood parking area on the East side of the lake. Parking will not be allowed at the Cottonwood area. Please be aware that we recommend getting to the park well before 7:15 or earlier in order for check in to go smoothly.
Please check in at the table for race marking, and waiver sign/drop off. After that, you will be allowed to warm up as you see fit.


If warming up in the lake, please be done by 7:50am. At 7:50 there will be a very short race brief by the starting area. Line up by start right after.
Everyone will start at the same time promptly at 8am from the cottonwood parking area of the lake, wait for the start horn and run/walk down the beach and into the water.
The swim course is simply get in the water at least chest deep and get to the other side always keeping the orange bouys on your right shoulder (unless swim-walking chest deep) and get to other end marked by the green bouy preferably by swimming, get out of the water, climb up the beach area and ring the bell by the tree, run back and swim back to the swim finish bouy again keeping the bouys on your right. The swim finish be very close to where the swim started marked by another green bouy. 


After the swim, make your way to the left side of the transition area and enter transition. There you will put on your bike attire to include a helmet and some kind of shoes. Exit the transition in the opposite side from where you entered and mount your bike at the mount line (GREEN).  You then will exit the Cottonwood parking lot and make a right. 


Follow the signs around the curvy course and once you make it back to Cottonwood just continue straigth ahead for lap 2 and so forth for a total of 4 laps. The bike course gets pretty narrow by the river area so be ready to SCRUB speed and make some tight turns.   After completing the last lap, make a right into the Cottonwood parking lot and dismount your bike at the dismount line (RED) and proceed with your bike into the transition area through the same side that you entered from the swim.


After raking your bike and leaving your bike gear by your bike, strap on running shoes and head towards the buffalo and then make a left into the running path. 


Follow the path around its twisty direction and continue along the river and towards centennial, at the 2.5k mark there will be a turn around cone, just go around it and head back.
The finish line will be just past the buffalo right where the swim started.


After the race, feel free to hang out and cheer on the rest of the competitors and enjoy the park at your own leisure.  Race results and awards will be aprox. 10am.


The race is very much beginner friendly, but challenging enough to give a pro a good heart pounding.   Swim experience is recommended but the "lake" is small and shallow enough that participants can swim while being able to stand if needed. Wetsuits are allowed, but not necessary as the water has been 65-70 degrees. All types of non electric bikes are welcome. Helmets are required for the bike leg. Strollers and headphones are allowed on the run segment only. There will be a special award for the winner of each gender, and team.
Wyoming Triathlon Club will keep track of finishing times and at a later date will post specific leg times. This is a grass roots effort so please be patient. The race dues are solely to cover the park permit and the equipment to have the race. Any profit will be donated to the Team Semper Fi Injured Servicemen Fund (https://semperfifund.org/donate/) We thank you for joining us, and please reach out for any questions.
-Omar Bermejo 

Organised by

Cowboy State Triathlon Club

1171 prairie river dr, casper

Phone: 6165029126

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