KYAH LAKE PLACID #3 - Triathlon Training Camp; 8/22/19-8/25/19

Thursday 22nd August 2019

RTA Club House: 176 Fir Way, Lake Placid, United States

Sports, Triathlon


  • Clinic/camp-Multi-day - KYAH LAKE PLACID-RTA Club Member
  • Clinic/camp-Multi-day - KYAH LAKE PLACID-Non RTA Club Member


For those of you unsure about what KYAH is: (pronounced KAI-YA!)

KYAH stands for Kick Your Ass Hard!!! It is a multi day camp held in a destination, which provides ample opportunity to swim, bike, and run.

KYAH provides a great opportunity to take your fitness level to new heights. The schedule provides for heavy volume training--all of which led by professional triathlon coaches.

Event details and schedule

You will come away from KYAH with a new sense of confidence in your racing and training potential. KYAH will include plenty of epic riding, monstrous climbing, distance running on the roads and on the trails, and open water swimming in a lake as clear as a mountain spring. It is an amazing experience.
KYAH includes:

- Accommodations (Optional, limited availability)
- Breakfast & lunch provided Friday & Saturday 
- Lectures on nutrition/race day fueling


*Distance and volume can be adjusted based on your current goals and fitness level.


Organised by

Ridgewood Tri Athlete LLC

335 Marshall St, Ridgewood

Phone: 2039486921

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