Sarge's Joker Face Last Man/ Last Woman Standing Hiking Event

Saturday 10th October 2020

Walter's Park: 1 Meyner Road, Phillipsburg, United States

Distance running, Walking


  • Walking-Repeated 1.5 miles - Individual
  • Other-Team Competition (Non Stop/ Timed 1.5 mile Hike) - Group-registration team Age group/open
  • Other-Non-Competitive Fun Hike (1.5 mile Hike) - Individual Age group/open
  • Other-Disabilities 1.5 mile non stop Hiking - Individual Disabled


Thank you for your interest in our hiking event! The object of this event is to be the last man/ last woman standing in this event. The winning money starts at $200 individuals and $200 team competition, however, it could increase depending on number of sign ups.. The prize is not guaranteed for the individual winner. The last individual must complete the round and also complete the round in a required time frame. Team competitions and Disabled participants are guaranteed winner due to point values. The team with the least points wins. The course is 1.5 miles. Competitors have to check in at the main table(start and finish round), halfway point (secondary table ). Each round consist of 2 laps. 

Event details and schedule

Please bring with you: 

Your ID for check in

Arrive at 8am for check in / Bib pick up

Bring A backpack with at least 10lbs as a requirement 

Wear comfortable clothes according to weather conditions ( rain or shine event)

Parking will be established on various locations. 


Organised by

Sarge's Discipline/ Vets Summer Fest

221 Washington Street, Phillipsburg

Phone: 9087980277

Event Images