• Walking-1 Mile Competition - Individual Age group/open
  • Walking-1 Mile Competition - Team Competition
  • Walking-1 Mile - Disabled (prosthetics)
  • Walking-1 Mile Fun Hike - Individual Fun Hike


Thank you for taking time to check out our veterans fundraising event! All Registration and Merchandise money are going towards our Veterans PTSD awareness,  Suicide Prevention,  and Veterans Homeless Prevention programs.  The object of this hike is make it through each round by beating the given time allowed and checking in. Failure to sign in each round or completing the round in the certain time requirement would be eliminated. Backpacks with 10lbs is required for the competition. Failure to meet requirements could result in time penalty ( Race Director's discretion) or elimination. Weight test will be random during the competition. Each Round would be reduced in time requirements. Event Director would decide how much time would be reduced. After every 5 rounds, there is a 20 minute break for all the remaining competitors. There will be a Veterans Festival running during the competition that has food, raffles, music, and vendors for everyone. COVID19 CDC recommendations will be enforced. Bring the attached COVID19 waiver with you to the Express Registration table. There will be a medical waiver that needs to be signed at the Express Registration Table. BOTH FORMS NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED in order to participate. There is NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, NO EXCEPTIONS! This is a Rain or Shine event so dress appropriately. This event may go into the night so bring a flashlight. Sarge's Discipline and their affiliates is not responsible for your actions so watch your step, surroundings, and don't feed the wildlife! Facemask is optional when competing, however,  it is required when going to the food vendors,  table vendors, Registration/raffle tables, and when safe distance cannot be followed. There will be random areas that will be sanitizer stations. 

Event details and schedule

Bring your Valid ID

Bring the Waivers ( Advance to the Express Registration Check In when you bring them)

Dress comfortably with the weather conditions,  this a rain or shine event

Arrive early due to COVID19 check in, registration starts around 715am

Bring a backpack with 10 pounds is per requirement for the competition. 

Have a first aid kit recommended 

Parking available at Walter's Park

More details will be announced on site


Organised by

Sarge's Discipline/ Vets Summer Fest

221 Washington Street, Phillipsburg

Phone: 9087980277