Triathlon Training Camp; KYAH LAKE PLACID #3 - 8/20/20-8/23/20

Thursday 20th August 2020

RTA Club House: 176 Fir Way, Lake Placid, United States



  • Clinic/camp-Multi-day - KYAH LAKE PLACID-RTA Club Member
  • Clinic/camp-Multi-day - KYAH LAKE PLACID-Non RTA Club Member


For those of you unsure about what KYAH is: (pronounced KAI-YA!)

KYAH stands for Kick Your Ass Hard!!! It is a multi day camp held in a destination, which provides ample opportunity to swim, bike, and run.

KYAH provides a great opportunity to take your fitness level to new heights. The schedule provides for heavy volume training--all of which led by professional triathlon coaches.

Event details and schedule

You will come away from KYAH with a new sense of confidence in your racing and training potential. KYAH will include plenty of epic riding, monstrous climbing, distance running on the roads and open water swimming in a lake as clear as a mountain spring. It is an amazing experience.
KYAH includes:

- Accommodations (Optional, limited availability)
- Breakfast & lunch provided Friday & Saturday 
- Lectures on nutrition/race day fueling & Race Execution


*Distance and volume can be adjusted based on your current goals and fitness level.


Organised by

Ridgewood Tri Athlete LLC

335 Marshall St, Ridgewood

Phone: 2039486921

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