• 1A Registration 5:30AM-10:00AM (3 People Needed) - Registration
  • 1B Registration 6:45AM-10:00AM (4 People Needed) - Registration
  • 2A Meal Ticket/Merchandise/Raffle TIckets 10:00AM-1:00PM (1 Person Needed) - Meal Tickets/Merchandise
  • 3A Early Morning Tasks 6:30AM-9:30AM (2 People Needed) - Early Morning Tasks
  • 4A Timed Climb #1 (Yellow Springs Outbound-Bottom) 7:00AM-10:45AM (2 People Needed) - Timed Climb
  • 4B Timed Climb #1 (Yellow Springs Outbound-Top) 7:00AM-10:45AM (2 People Needed) - Timed Climb
  • Other-5A Timed Climb #2 (Horseshoe Trail-Bottom) 7:20AM-11:15AM (2 People Needed) - Timed Climb
  • 5B Timed Climb #2 (Horseshoe Trail-Top) 7:20AM-11:15AM (2 People Needed) - Timed Climb
  • 6A Timed Climb #3 (E. Nantmeal Rd.-Top & Bottom) 8:15AM-11:00AM (4 People Needed) - Timed Climb
  • 7A Timed Climb #4 (Yellow Springs Rd.-Returning Top & Bottom) 9:45AM-12:45PM (4 People Needed) - Timed Climb
  • 8A SafetyPosition #1 (St. Peters Rd. & Rte 23) 8:45AM-10:30AM (2 People Needed) - Safety Position #1
  • 9A SafetyPosition #2 (Pickering Rd/Merlin Rd) 7:15AM-10:30AM (2 People Needed) - Safety Position #2
  • 10A SafetyPosition #3 (Merlin Rd & Pikeland Rd.) 7:15AM-10:30AM (2 People Needed) - Safety Position #3
  • 11A SafetyPosition #4 (Bodine/Seven Oaks) 9:00AM-1:00PM (2 People Needed) - Safety Position #4
  • 11 B Safety Position #5 (Horseshoe Trail and St. Matthews) 7:30AM-11:15AM (2 People Needed) - Safety Position #5
  • 12A Road Sign Pick-up 12:00AM-3:00PM (4 People Needed) - Road Sign Pick-up
  • 13A Rest Stop #2 (E. Coventry Township Bldg.) 8:45AM-12:00PM (3 People Needed) - Rest Stop #2
  • 14A Start/Finish Line-Cheering Team (7:15AM-10:30AM)-(8 People Needed) - Start/Finish Line
  • 14B Start/Finish Line-Cheering Team (10:20AM-1:30PM)-(8 People Needed) - Start/Finish Line
  • 15 Raffle Ticket Sales (10:00am-12:30pm) - Individual Age group/open
  • 16A Captain Registration ONLY - Captain Registration ONLY


This site is for the Main Line Animal Rescue Gran Fondo Volunteer Registration

Welcome to the MLAR Gran Fondo Registration site. We appreciate your generosity and willingness to volunteer your time to help with our 4th Annual Cycling Event. The ride starts and ends at Pickering Meade Farm, home to Main Line Animal Rescue at 7:30am and the event ends at 3:00pm. We need various volunteers throughout the day for 3+ hour shifts. 

All volunteers will receive:

Please select the timeframe and task that works best for you. As the event draws closer you will hear from Maura Murphy our Volunteer Event Coordinator for the event with more specifics. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to contact Maura directly at ‭(267) 990-1198 or

Thank you!

Event details and schedule

It's going to be October when the event takes place and we start early. We recommend you bring:

  • a jacket
  • water bottle
  • folding chair or seat if you are at a timed climb or safety position
  • If you have any noise makers, please feel free to bring them, the louder and more fun we have the better the experience for all.

Organised by

Main Line Animal Rescue

1149 Pike Springs Road, Phoenixville

Phone: 610-299-8024

Event Images