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Annual Zoom Performance Epic camp geared towards long distance triathletes.  You will be imersed in triathlon training starting at noon on Friday through noon Sunday.  The weekend schedule will follow as



1pm 40-50 mile ride

Speedwork brick



20 minute open water swim

70-100 mile ride

4-6 mile brick run



1 mile open water swim

8-12 mile run


Most of the workouts will be done on the IRONMAN Wisconsin course.  Please be prepared to be self sufficient for on course nutrition, gear and hydration.  There will be opportunity for group dinners.  

Event details and schedule

We will again make home base in Verona.  There are two hotels across from each other, Holiday Inn Express and Hyatt Place on Verona Ave.  Though feel free at what hotel works best for you.  

Organised by

Zoom Performance

3613 SW 34th Street, Des Moines

Phone: 5159712708